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Where do I find poker chips in Tulum, Mexico?

I am extraordinarily fortunate to be vacationing in (well, just outside of) Tulum, Mexico with some excellent friends. The only thing that would make this stay perfect would be the ability to play poker. I have cards; I have no chips. I need poker chips. Where can I find them? I have tried both big supermercados in Tulum with no luck. I have tried a bunch of small bodegas with no luck. I have contemplated gathering small rocks or bits of coral but that simply will not do. I have contemplated going to a bank and getting small change but that would leave me with a bucketful of small change, which simply will not do. I need chips. Where can I find them? Ayudame! Gracias.
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I have no idea but I have played poker in places where there are no chips to be found. Your best bet (lol) is either to find a toy store and hope they have Spanish monopoly or several sets of checkers.
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As BlahLaLa suggested, matches, or alternates like sunflower seeds, peanuts-in-shells, toothpics, jelly beans, paperclips, nails, screws, washers, guitar picks, etc., can all be used as improvised poker chips.
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Ya matches, washers, and pistachio shells are old standbys.
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