Vlc on iPad is broken. Alternatives?
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It seems the latest update of Vlc for iOS (2.4) has had to cripple ac3 playback because of Dolby and copyright issues. Can anyone point me to a player that will still work?

I've been using Vlc because it could play anything (unlike the native iOS video player), but now it most profoundly doesn't. A lot of the files I've been playing (not by choice, but because they're what's been available) are large, three to four GBs, and goodplayer always just seizes up and dies. Are there any apps out there that can still play ac3 sound on mkv files on a non-jail broken iPad? The only advice I've seen is to reload Vlc 2.3, but my iPad auto updated, and that's gone.
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Best answer: Infuse + in-app-purchase for AC3 content decoding
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Yep. Infuse, especially if these are movies.
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Plenty of file hosting sites will still have the 2.3 ipa. Seeing as how it's a free app, that isn't piracy or anything. Just load it on with iTunes.

This worked a few years ago last time I tried In maybe the iOS 6 days. I haven't tested it super recently.
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Is VLC 2.4 completely crippled? Earlier versions in the US also refused to decode certain audio streams if they thought you were in the US. The workaround was to set your time zone to something non-US; I used Vancouver, BC. Does that no longer work?

I've had nPlayer recommended as a VLC alternative for iOS. Haven't tried it myself.

Here's a very thorough review of VLC, nPlayer, and AVPlayer from 2013.
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Response by poster: Supposedly the time zone/location switch has been eliminated. I doubt it would have worked for me here in Japan, anyway.

I downloaded infuse, and it seems to work so far. Haven't gotten the paid version yet, but having access to subtitles is worth the switch. Thanks.
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