How can I get an itunes app without an iphone?
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I want to get an app that is not available on android. Is there a way I can do this or would I have to buy some cheap iphone like device?
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1. What App is it? With that info people could suggestion possible alternatives on Android

2. Yes, if you want to run an iPhone App, you need some sort of iDevice. I'd recommend a used iPhone or iTouch from ebay.
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Be warned that some older iDevices like older iTouches won't let you install newer apps.
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You say you only want to "get" the app. I downloaded a bunch of apps through iTunes while waiting for an iPad I had ordered to ship. You will need an I device to use it though.
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If you have a Mac computer, you can download XCode and it has an iOS Simulator. Not sure if you can buy apps through the app store, tho.
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FYI, the simulator will *not* run apps from the Apple Store (or any 3rd party stores) - apps need to be specifically built for use in the simulator.
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