What are some great Grindhouse flicks I should look up?
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One of my chief pleasures in life is finding 70s-era exploitation and grind house flicks in full on Youtube. Help me find more!

One of my chief pleasures in life is finding 70s-era exploitation and grind house flicks in full on Youtube. Help me find more! You'd be surprised how many are on there, from surprisingly effective sleeve like 1977's Death Game (SEE! Max Fisher's dad get home invaded by murderous jailbait!) to more dramatic stuff like 1981's Southern Comfort.
So my appetite for this stuff is pretty much insatiable and I want MORE MORE MORE!
It doesnt need to be streamable, but I'd like to find some hidden gems that are a deeper than stuff like Hills Have Eyes, etc.

What I'm looking for:

• Lets keep it 70s-mid-80s. That Hammer horror stuff I'm sure has its charms but it leaves me cold.

• Horror, Hicksploitation, Blacksploitation, movies made to cash in on trends (like CBs, roller disco, custom vans, whathaveyou) I'm up for most anything, though I am a little tired of Kung Fu and Chop Sockey stuff, unless you have something totally bananas like Death Promise.

• The rarer the better. It's amazing how many films have completely fallen down the memory hole. And there were so many cheap flicks made to cash in on the drive-in circuit that there are always lost gems to be found. Stuff like Record City and Van Nuys Blvd.

So have at it. Tell me what to watch!
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The Dragon Lives Again (kung fu, to be sure, but THIS ONE REALLY IS TOTALLY BANANAS)
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Death Bed: The Bed That Eats
The Reflecting Skin (1990, and maybe not quite grindhouse, but whateeeeevs)
Tourist Trap
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So you don't necessarily need streaming links? Because if you're looking for a good way to sample a wide variety of grindhouse crap then pursue what interests you most, you want to watch trailers. Fortunately for you a bunch of enterprising weirdos have put together hours upon hours worth of truly trashy trailers for your perusal: Dusk-to-Dawn Drive-in Trash-o-rama's (the grandaddy of them all from Something Weird Video, 10 volumes), 42nd Street Forever (five original volumes and then more that focused on pornos) and Trailer War. There's probably more but those are the biggies.

All those links go to Amazon, but you'll probably be able to find them elsewhere.
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I just happened to be looking at legendary grindhouse studio American International Pictures Wikipedia page for another askme (slow work day obvs) and so I searched a few on youtube and here's what I got:
The Human Tornado

Truck Turner

Switchblade Sisters (sadly for rental only)
Women In Cages

The Black Gestapo
Trouble Man
The Arena
The Education of Sonny Carson
Black Mama White Mama
Five On The Black Hand Side
Scream Blacula Scream
Adios Amigo
Death Weekend

Plenty more on there worth a look!
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Here's a list on Mubi. They are no longer showing They Eat Scum, but it's my all time favorite trash film so if you find it for free online anywhere let me know.
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If you search around youtube enough you'll find cult film collections like this one which has my favorite 70s car movie, Thunder and Lightning!
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I've never seen this but "A man hires hires five hookers to fulfil a final fantasy before killing himself and his family." Natural Enemies. It has to be good.
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Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry is one of my favorite oft-forgotten entries in the muscle-car-chases-and-hoodlums field.
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The Guy From Harlem (trailer)

There's also a RiffTrax (trailer) if you're into that.
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I really wish YouTube had been around when my friends and I were first getting into this stuff way back in high school. I'd still recommend doing exactly what we did back then though - order the craziest stuff you can find from Something Weird, watch whatever trailers come with the DVDs, order as many of those movies you can afford, rinse and repeat - forever.
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Race With the Devil
Three the Hard Way
One Down, Two to Go
Brotherhood of Death

All easily findable on YouTube, to my chagrin (I did the DVDs for them).
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It's from 1986 but I think you might enjoy it: Quiet Cool.
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The Spook Who Sat by the Door
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Rolling Thunder is a classic. Trailer and film both on YouTube.
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