Cobbler equivalent for a canvas pack?
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I found a beautiful handmade (a la etsy) rucksack in a thrift store that I know my girlfriend will love. I would like to fix a few things and increase its functionality (adding a handle; put in better thicker straps, etc.). Where in Toronto can I take the rucksack and ask a professional to do it? I am essentially looking for a cobbler for canvas/ a tailor not for clothes?

I am pretty crafty, but I don't have a sewing machine and my hand-sewing is not great.

The rucksack was very thoughtfully made with excellent quality material, it's just a little worn and had a few minor design flaws-- specifically, the lack of a top handle; the minimum strap length is too long; and the straps are too thin and quite worn. I even tracked down the bag's maker, but she lives in Asia now.
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Best answer: If you can provide the straps and handle yourself any sewing/alterations shop should be able to do it, and maybe even a cobbler if they're not too busy (I've had non-shoe related sewing done at a shoe repair shop). You'll probably need a sacrificial backpack to harvest for parts.
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Shoe repair is a good idea. From my understanding you just need to ask if they have a machine that can handle the material.
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Honestly for heavy canvas/leather work I'd probably go to Northbound Leather. Yonge, west side, bit north of Wellesley.
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Best answer: Fabric stores carry grosgrain (strap) in many colpurs and widtha that can be cut to length and all the necessary buckles and clips to make a strap. The often carry ready made handles for bags. These could be attached by a seamstress or maybe a cobbler.
Leather stores also carry belts and such, and make them, if that would work.
There is also the workroom for sewing by the hour. They may even sell all the supplies you need.
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Best answer: How about a luggage repair place like Luggage Town? They'd have handles, straps and all that hardware.
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Best answer: Canvas and recreational boats go together. Quality canvas keeps a shop in business. Googling 'toronto marine canvas' turned up Genco Marine which has been in business for 45 years. Based on my years of messing around in small boats, if a canvas shop doesn't do repairs or modifications, they will know who does.
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I think rodlymight has it. I've had my local cobbler do everything from repairing the straps on bags to making me a custom watch band. I think most here in New York do that kind of work and can't imagine it's any different in Toronto.
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Agreed, that's totally a cobbler thing.
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All the cobblers near me fix purses, canvas bags, backpacks, etc. I think a cobbler would be a good bet.
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