Funky dance/dubstep vids lost
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Looking for couple of music/dance videos that I've lost on the internet. Please help!

It's been annoying me for several years now. There are two videos that I really enjoyed watching on Youtube a few years back, but cannot now find for the life of me. I've tried googling, but the search terms are so vague that I never seem to be able to find them. Can the hive mind help me?

Descriptions are as follows:

1. This was a video about how dance music traditions are very similar, and how there's nothing new under the sun. It interspersed modern dance with routines from 1930s films, and also some anthropological documentary footage showing off traditional dance. Whole thing was done to a slightly funky beat, so it was if all the dancers were dancing to the same music.

2. This was set in the back of a taxi where a music journalist asked a DJ to explain: "what is dubstep?". DJ launched into interesting, fascinating and lengthy answer that skipped through the whole history of modern dance music.

My brain will love you for ever if you help me find either of these. Thanks.
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Best answer: The taxi video was the subject of a post here
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