Nutrition app with customizable target macros
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Looking for a diet tracker app or website with the following functionality:

[REQUIRED] 1) entering target macros, for example: 145g protein, 45g carb, 38g fat. This should also be able to adjust to the day because I have different targets for training and non training days. The app should tell me how many grams left I have for each category (carb, protein, fat) after adding a food I've eaten.
[REQUIRED] 2) food log including barcode scanning though I don't mind if I need to enter in all the barcode data myself.
[NICE TO HAVE] 3) a meal/intake generator. I'd be able to enter foods and the app could generate meals that would reach my targets for the day.

I'm currently using lifesum but I can't figure out how to adjust my target macros manually. I do like the barcode scan that they have. Thanks!
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Myfitnesspal s what nearly everyone uses, I eat Keto, and i have been able to change around both the grams and percentages of macronutrients under "Goals"
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I was just coming to recommend Myfitnesspal, they are the best I've found.
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You might be able to get close with a combination of MyFitnessPal and EatThisMuch. MFP won't do the meal generator, but EatThisMuch will. The only point you'll be missing is the different macros for different days -- I don't know of anything that actively does that.
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