Games like Guess My Word?
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I learned about Guess My Word on here and now I'm hooked. I also learned about Doge 2048 here and I love it, but it takes too long. Same thing with Must Pop Words (although I didn't learn about it here). Suggestions for games that take about the same amount of time/talent/thought as Guess My Word?
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Just Get 10 has been holding my attention for a few weeks now. I don't try to get 10 though, I just try to fill the board with all 2's.. then 3's.. then 4's.. etc. I've gotten up to 70% of the board being 6's.
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The Wiki Game!
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I like Red Herring and 7 Little Words --focus on figuring out words/categories, no one game takes too long.
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Text Twist
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