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I subscribe to every premium channel out there. Theoretically, I should get access to every movie that comes out, but in practice I wind up missing most movies when they are released to tv. Is there a resource that lists all new movies coming to tv by week or month? A service which will notify me when a movie comes to tv?
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If you have a TiVo, put the name of the movie on your "Wish List" to be automatically recorded.
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Just as a general rule of thumb, HBO does their "new" movie on Saturday nights (around 8pm EST), as does Cinemax (around 10pm EST). Starz has been putting out all this "original" stuff on Saturday nights, so I think they've shifted their "new" movie to Friday nights. Showtime is a little all over the place (it depends on what boxing they're showing), but it's generally Friday or Saturday night around 8pm EST.
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I've been looking for the same thing for some time and it appears that it doesn't exist. I just want a list of the movies being newly released on the various HBO, Cinemax, and Showtime channels, ideally as part of the TiVo listings or their app where I could just select the ones I want to record. Seems easy enough to supply, but where is it?
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