Sources for custom-made Indian clothing for women (in the US)
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I want to have some kurtas and/or salwar kameez made and haven't had much luck figuring out a source. I'm in NYC and a local source would be fine, but I'd be willing to do something like eShakti. I know there are lots of stores that sell this stuff, but most of it is in colors/patterns that are too bright and made out of non-natural fabrics. Basically I'm looking for cool, shady, long-sleeved summer clothes in natural fibers, so any other non-Indian sources would be welcome, too.
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Flax clothing is really good. You'll need to find a retailer near you so you can try on the clothes. I live in Memphis and wear it year round. It's a little pricey, but once I started wearing it, I never looked back. It comes in a heavier weave for cooler temps and a very light fabric for summer.
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I would go to a fabric store and take it to the tailor of your choice.
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FabIndia now ships to the U.S., and this is where I'd tell you to go, in India, for readymade kurtas and loose, flowy clothes that use natural (rather than synthetic) materials.

Do note -- you'll want to hang-dry these garments; do not put them through the heat cycle in your dryer.
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I can't remember if they do custom work, but India Sari Palace in Jackson Heights is one of the places my MIL goes to. It's right off the 7 train at Roosevelt Avenue.
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I believe that Aalok Fashions International in Waltham, Massachusetts does custom clothing, in addition to off-the-rack.
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Seconding fabindia - I think they have exactly the look you're looking for. But yes, be very careful when washing - you might hand wash first to test color-fastness first.
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I've never purchased anything there but I've been scoping out Indian Roots for a while.
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