Is it safe to buy DitropanXL over the internet?
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I'm on Ditropan (Oxybutynin); I have a prescription. I'd like to try DitropanXL but the pharmacist I spoke to said it's not available in Australia. Really? If that's true, it looks like I can buy it online - is this legit? Thanks!

If it's true that it's not available in Australia and anyone can comment on why/current status/how drugs get approved here I'd be very interested (my google-fu is failing).
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Drugs are approved for sale in Australia by the Therapeutic Goods administration - a search of their website only brings up the immediate release oxybutynin. So the pharmacist is telling the truth.
There's done more info on online drug ordering on theTGA website.
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When you buy things online you have NO guarantee that what you're buying is in fact what it's claiming to be.

So no, anyone who is offering to import a pharmaceutical that has not yet been approved in your country is NOT legit. What does your doctor say about the extended release formula?

If someone is offering to sell you a prescription WITHOUT an actual prescription from your's double sketchy.
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