YA Novel set in the UK
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I'm looking for a YA novel set in the UK centered around a group of girlfriends. Two of the girlfriends realize that they are attracted to one another, one of whom (I think), is pregnant. There is a scene where one of them plays the cello in the nude. Searching for this with what I remember brings up some (expected, I suppose) racy results when all I really want to do is find this book! Any idea?
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Best answer: I've read this book! It's set in Scotland. One of the main characters is called Fionnula the cooler. Drawing blanks on the title and author right now, but perhaps it will come to me when I stop thinking so hard!
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Best answer: I think I've got it- "The Sopranos" by Alan Warner.
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If that's the one you were looking for, incidentally, it has a sequel -- "The Stars in the Bright Sky".
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