Help me remember a fantasy novel from the 90s
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Help me remember a fantasy novel from the 90s. Should have been available in paperback form around 1996.

I remember very little about it, but here is what I recall:
- There was a picture of a female swordsman in a red leather suit on the cover; I think this woman was one of the main characters.
- At some point in the story, the characters are traversing an ocean / sea on a ship towed by some kind of sea creature similar to a sea lion – but possibly fantastical in nature. I think the sea lion thing was intelligent and talked via telepathy with the captain.
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"Wild Magic" by Tamora Pierce!
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It could be Wild Magic. Here's a cover that sounds like your description. But it was published in 2005.

IIRC, there is a scene in which the protaongist, a teenage girl, speaks to sealions, but they aren't not towing a boat or anything.
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That doesn't seem right... Sorry I don't have more to go on, my memory is shoddy.
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Any chance it was a reprint of Past Master, by R.A. Lafferty? The protagonist (a time-displaced Thomas More) is guided throughout the book by a friendly "ansel."
An ansel is in appearance a little like a seal of old earth. It can slither with great speed along the land, just as though it were swimming in water. It can walk passably, as a man or as an animal. And it has curious mental powers...

Rimrock the ansel was much larger than any earth seal, and the slicing mouth on him was a meter long.
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Was it anything in The Sword of Truth? Lots of women in red leather there.
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Sorry! I was thinking of the part where the main character raises a Kraken, as well as this cover from the early 90s, but that's a Scholastic edition from the UK. Jumped the gun.
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The Sword of Truth cover looks really familiar. No seal-riders, though. I wonder if I'm conflating several books from that period.
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i totally know that cover she is on a sailing ship, sort of peering out into the distance? First thing that popped into my head was something from Joan D. Vinge, but i haven't been able to find it. The Snow Queen takes place on a water world, but the covers are different.....
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Liveship Traders series?
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Long shot, but the description made me think of Anne McCaffrey's books that have the selkie person... Google is telling me that it was part of the Petaybee series, and some of those have a woman in red?

Sorry to not be more specific, but it's been a LONG time since I've read them.
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Also, some of the McCaffrey books feature dolphins, and ships... and most of her series have one form or another of telepathy.
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Back to ask if it was anything by Jim C Hines? Sorry, no link, on phone.
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