Affordable accountant needed in Boston / Greater Boston area
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I've got some complicated taxes this year with two W2s and a few 1099s and living in multiple states. Yelp is not turning up anyone useful and the one local company I reached out to is not responding. I don't trust chains like H&R Block, but I don't mind a small company or independent professional. My budget is about $200-$250, might be able to do a little more. Boston, Dedham, Milton area preferred, but may be able to travel a bit further afield for someone with a great reputation. Recommendations are very much appreciated!
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I can recommend Mr. Vaughn in Milton. He is very detail oriented and has done great job with our taxes for close to 10 years – not sure if has capacity to take on more customers, but I'd give him a call.
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Thanks! He answered and he's affordable.
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