How to safely use a (vintage) Caloric Prestige gas oven...?
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Hoping that the Great Hive-Mind can help me. My apartment is equipped with a 30-year old (more or less) Caloric Prestige self cleaning gas oven. The model number: RST-376-UW. There is no standard knob for oven / broiler - rather, it has buttons linked to the clock display. And I'm a little afraid to experiment with it!

Would someone be able to either (a) direct me to a safe download of the user's manual (sites offering manuals so far look a little unsafe to me) or (b) if familiar with this sort of oven... tell me how the oven and broiler are supposed to work? I'll then figure out whether I feel safe in playing with it.

And - I'm not holding anyone other than myself responsible for any oven-related mayhem! I'm happy to have any information I can weigh against the risk of ... pushing one of those buttons.

The 'bridge' of the oven has a digital clock, and is called the 'oven timing center', with buttons for minute timer, clock setting, stop time, cook time, clean, broil, and bake temp.

Is this familiar to anyone?

Thanks in advance!
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This should get you started. Here's a link to the one page "manual" from Sears. The link takes you to a funky Google cache of the original page, which itself seems to be broken at present.
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If you can't find a manual maybe track down the oldest indpendent appliance repairman in town - somebody, perhaps, who works rental properties, where the stock is old.
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Zedcaster - Blessings on your head (ok - I'm an agnostic - these are an agnostic's blessings. AskMefi brings out my latent faith in humanity).

soulbarn - Excellent suggestion. It's times like this that makes me miss the old (paper) Yellow Pages. Search for this kind of local business was actually swifter (with fewer interesting detours).

This is an excellent start. I bow again to the Hive-Mind. This is a great community.
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