Gift ideas? Keywords: Batman, Investing, German, (Comics or Video Games)
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I'm looking for a gift for a hard-to-shop-for person, a well-read investment adviser who's a comics nerd. The ideal gift would be a comic book in which Batman is an accountant, written in German. Where can I buy this or something else that this person would really like?
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Perhaps this.
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You could also get Masterpiece Comics by R. Sikoryak, which features his version of Crime and Punishment featuring Batman.
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Just in case you can't find what you're looking for, you could speak to someone at a comic store. I recommend the tiny, indie, awesome comixart in Bamberg, Germany. Their site's all in German but surely they would try to help you out if you were to email them in English. Viel Gl├╝ck!
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Chip Kidd recently did a book called Batman: Death By Design which deals with Batman and Architecture and, from what I understand (I haven't read it) German constructivism. Being that it's Chip Kidd, the hardcover will be lush and gorgeous.
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The Batman: Year 100 trade by Paul Pope includes the titular story and the smaller Elseworlds "The Berlin Batman". Paul Pope's art is gorgeous, and he has a libertarian philosophy that may or may not appeal to an investor.
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