Old Mozilla/Tech Blog Post About Software Persistence?
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I read a personal blog post maybe five years ago arguing from a philosophical point that no software should "die" but should persist, i.e. restarts should be seamless or unnecessary. It was written with particular regard to Firefox extensions although it also mentioned Apache. It was most likely by someone in the Mozilla-sphere (read: syndicated on Planet Mozilla), but they may have linked to a piece by a general high-profile tech blogger. Searching for obvious keywords is drawing blanks, can anyone identify or locate the blog post in question for me?
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Crash-only software?
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Response by poster: No, but that is actually both useful and interesting, thanks!
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Your description seems similar to some blog posts written by Joel Spolsky. Spolsky is a great writer. I just re-read part of that post and was again impressed by his insights and his writing ability.
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