What's the perfect elephant-related Valentine's gift?
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Please help me find the perfect Valentine's Day gift for my beloved wife. Difficulty level: elephant.

Recently, my wife has discovered that she has a deep, deep love for elephants. Like, she tears up when she sees them, is reading books about them, just loves everything about them. This is a fairly recent development, so I'd like to parlay it into the perfect gift for Saturday.

Things I've considered: Elephant-related jewelry of some sort, a documentary about them on DVDs, a coffee-table picture book. (A non-coffee-table book is probably the least interesting thing, as she is a ravenous public library user and prefers to get her books from there.)

To make it more difficult, I have waited until nearly the last minute, and it will have to be something I can buy locally on my lunch break tomorrow. I am a short distance from a Target, Walmart, Barnes & Noble, and not much else. I'm guessing the B&N is going to be the place where I'll find the best possible thing ... but what should it be?
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The Little Golden Book of The Saggy Baggy Elephant to give her after you adopt an elephant.
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Barnes and noble HAS to have some sort of photo book with elephants. Also check the kids/toy/game section and see if they have anything like a puzzle. I've found the people there reasonably helpful so ask someone for anything elephant.
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Can you do one of those adopt-an-animal programs at a zoo and sponsor an elephant in her name? You would probably be able to print out a certificate or something which might help you with the last-minute issue!
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Best answer: You can also adopt an elephant from The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee

If you ever want to spend a few thousand dollars on this, an organization in Arkansas does an "Elephant Experience Weekend"
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This pair of elephant bookends is really cute. Since it's a pair of elephants it's a little romantic-y, and even if she gets library books its a pretty way to display them temporarily. You can check to see if they're in stock at your B&N store.
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Elephant made paintings are a thing, and are adorable enough that your wife might be satisfied with Youtube videos on Valentines day itself, and you'll get the painting in the mail in a few days.
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maybe you can overnight ship it?
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You could also adopt an elephant through the World Wildlife Fund. But, since it's last minute, you wouldn't get the little cuddly elephant or thank you letter in time for Valentine's Day.
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Is Amazon not an option? There's a nice selection of elephant jewelry and statues that you should be able to get shipped overnight.
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Buy this extremely romantic Elephant themed print on Etsy (it's an instant download). Download the file and have a place like Staples of Fedex Office print one for you (you can send it digitally then pick it up) and get a frame for it at Target.

Done. You'll be a hero.
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As neither is likely in the library, consider Jody Picoult's book Leaving Time, which has lots of focus on elephants, or, though this is a heartbreaker, Water for Elephants.

Speaking as a person who also thinks elephants are better than sliced bread and is very interested in them, I'll tell you one of the most amazing things I've ever done with my husband was to go to Sabi Sands in the Kruger National Park in South Africa, and one of the two most amazing safari experiences there was the morning we spent just watching an elephant herd. IF you can swing it financially, consider combining a lot of gifts in one and promising her a trip in the foreseeable future to go see elephants in the wild.
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Elephant Teapot!

Here's another!! At Pier One!

how about this one at anthropologie?

I love elephant teapots arrrmmmguh nyuuugh omg i cant even
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Friends of mine spent time at Elephant Nature Park. It would be a good place to make a donation in her name.
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Take her to the zoo to look at the elephants. Maybe see if there are ways for her to volunteer or help out the elephants. Zoo gift shop for an elephant souvenir.
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How about a membership along with a promise for an upcoming trip to volunteer at The Elephant Sanctuary in Hohenwald, TN?

Or maybe an Elephant Experience Weekend at Riddle's Elephant and Wildlife Sanctuary in Quitman, AR?

If you want a tangible gift, slip an IOU for a sanctuary visit into a book or fold it up and stash it under the trunk of a little plush elephant.
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Has she read Elephant Memories? Amazing book!
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The Animal Print Shop has an adorable baby elephant print that comes in multiple sizes to fit your budget. Warning - that whole website is CUTE OVERLOAD
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Random note: my sister collected elephant items (jewelry, sculptures, stuffed animals, etc.) for years. The one thing I recall is that (for those who care about such things), elephants are considered good luck when the tusk is pointing upward, but not so when it is pointing downward. If your wife is aware of this, you might wish to search for upward-facing depictions.
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If liquor is an option, consider Amarula. It's delicious and elephants think so too.
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Support an Elephant at the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. It's a shame you don't have more time, I would suggest the classic book 101 Elephant Jokes.
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Elephant Highway
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Is there a Design Within Reach store in your area?
If not, you'll have to save this idea for another time.

The Eames Miniature Molded Plywood Elephant is what I got my valentine for her birthday a few years ago. She loves it like a pet.
Damn cute, man. It arrives in a sweet little wood box.

They sometimes come up on ebay.
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Best answer:
You can also adopt an elephant from The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee

I recommend donating to them - they'll also send you photos of the adopted elephant, and you can also pay to feed all the elephants for a day ($390), which is only a little more than the cost of the Eames elephant but does much more for the actual animal. I'd do that and then get some smaller tokens as suggested above for the day.
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