Distinctive Voodoo Child cover on "Hitman: Agent 47" trailer
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The trailer for the new "Hitman: Agent 47" film is a rather distinctive cover of Jimi Hendrix's "Voodoo Child", as found here; however I can't find it online, or even anything close... any ideas?
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I played it through my computer speakers and asked Siri on my phone (which I believe uses the Shazam database?). She said it was by "Brick + Mortar". The band's website appears to be at www.brmr.net, but I couldn't find any trace of the cover online. Listening to their music, it's not totally inconceivable that it's the same band, but who knows. Maybe Siri's database is updated before songs are released?
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Did this trailer just get put on the 'net in the last day or so? If so - I've noticed that sometimes there is a delay between the time that a tune is made public and the time that Shazam recognizes it. I don't know why this is - I'm reasonably sure that this stuff is all one big interlocking clusterfuck of PR agents and representatives from the movie / music / gaming industry - you'd think they'd make sure that people could find the song the instant the trailer goes online. But for whatever reason, sometimes they don't coordinate well.

In recent years I've found that movies and trailers and television are frequently becoming my channels for discovering new music. I think that in probably 5 years or less you'll hear a song on a television show and say "buy that song for me" and it'll magically appear in your collection.
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It sounds like a Glitch Mob track/remix to me... Compare it to their remix of "Seven Nation Army", which appeared in the G.I. Joe: Retaliation trailer and soundtrack.
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I think that in probably 5 years or less you'll hear a song on a television show and say "buy that song for me" and it'll magically appear in your collection.

Shazam has been doing something like this for several years now.
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Griseus got it -- according to Brick + Mortar's twitter feed, it's their song.
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Pedantically its Voodoo Child (Slight Return).
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Response by poster: Thank you so much for such a quick answer, I am, as always, rather impressed by the level of response. I'll keep an eye on the band and their twitter feed and see if this is going to be released.

I did try putting it through Shazam but it wasn't recognised, maybe griseus just has a better sound system than I? ;)
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Best answer: Brick + Mortar have released their cover of Voodoo Child on iTunes as a single. It's also on Soundcloud.
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Response by poster: I received a quick and correct answer... then information on where to buy the thing I was after... and then a reminder from MetaFilter to come and check the thread... this was always how the Internet was meant to work ;) Thanks RichardP.
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