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Can anyone recommend an alernative to Itunes for ripping CDs, organizing music files, creating playlists, and moving them to my Ipod?

The universal recommendation seems to be Meda Monkey but I had a really hard time figuring out how to work it. One of the things that drives me crazy about Itunes (besides the increasingly worse interface with each update) is it seems to be pretty random about where it puts the files on my computer. I tried using the setting in there to direct which folders to save the files in but it never seems to stick and I'm so sick of it. Free would be great but I'm certainly willing to pay for something that works and does what I want.

My Ipod is Version 2.0.5, I have a windows computer with Windows 8.

Previous questions I found were pretty old or asking for open source alternatives.
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I love MusicBee for this. You can adjust pretty much anything, including how and where to organise your library and metadata.
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it seems to be pretty random about where it puts the files on my computer.

You can turn that off and manage the files yourself. Preferences > Advanced > Uncheck Keep media folder organized. I've never once had a problem with it.
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I've used J River Media Center for years for this. It's great!
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I use Media Monkey (I mention it only because I moved from iTunes to it years ago, not because I believe it is any better than the other suggestions above).
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MusicBee is nice, seconding that. Plus I like that it's very basic.
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