How can I get background info on a landlord and rental property in NY?
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How can my friend determine if a private landlord is a scam artist, and/or if his rental property has been in foreclosure? This is in New York.

Asking for a friend: she is looking to move ASAP (due to an ugly personal situation) into a rental property in NYC - not sure which borough, I'm guessing Brooklyn or Queens - and she's looking at a rental through a private owner. Is there a way for her to quickly get a background check on the landlord/property to ensure it's not a scam, in foreclosure, etc? My home state (not NY) is great because literally all court cases are maintained online for free, but I don't think New York has anything similar. Any resources would be much appreciated!
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The county property appraiser will have a web site, which will contain lots of public info about the property. Locate the county property appraiser site, and look up the property. If you tell me the county, I can post the link to the site for you.

Every county also has a clerk of the courts website. There you can find lots of public info about the citizens of the county. You should be able to look up the landlord in the clerk of the courts website, both from criminal history and for civil lawsuits. Again, if you post the county, I can give you the site.

This is a free easy first few steps. After that, you will need to pay a background service to get more info.
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Response by poster: Okay - got some more info. It's in Kings Park, NY (Suffolk County). If anyone can provide more info with the actual address I can memail it. Thanks!
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Here is the property appraiser site for New York City. Search by address.

Here is Kings County Clerk of the Courts. There is a wealth of public information on this website about the citizens of Kings County, if you take the time to search through it.
posted by Flood at 9:47 AM on February 11, 2015, put in the address, select "location reports" on the right, and everything should be in there.
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Best answer: Here is a list of public info available on the Suffolk County website.
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Response by poster: Thanks all! I forwarded everything I could find from the Suffolk County website. I appreciate the help.
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