Does my cat just have a cold?
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Symptoms: been off his food 2 days. Sleeping a lot (more than usual) in one spot. I picked him up and he sounds congested.

When I pick him up, he seems alert. Sniffing things, looking around. I filled up his water jug and he sat and watched it gurgle. He is definitely still taking water and peeing in his box (I've witnessed both multiple times).

My gut instinct is that he has a cold or a stomach bug, and he'll be fine. However, I don't want to be a negligent owner and he will get a doctor's visit asap if necessary. Is this vet visit worthy?

If he wasn't drinking, he'd have gone today, but given regular drinking and urination, I'm not overly concerned. Should I be? Should he go to the vet tomorrow?

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Are his eyes phlegmy or watering? That's a major symptom in our old girl.
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From Perodicticus potto:
Any pet that is lethargic and refusing food should have prompt veterinary attention. I work for a large veterinary hospital, and if an owner reports that their pet is showing these signs, we offer them an appointment the same day even if it means having to squeeze them in as an extra. I would not leave an animal with these symptoms overnight.

(The issue with cats not eating isn't so much "fatty liver disease"; it's simply that cats don't refuse to eat unless they're feeling very unwell. )
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By "off his food" do you mean he's eating less, or that he's not eating at all? Cats can get very very sick very very quickly if they don't eat - liver-failure levels of sick.

When you pinch his scruff, does it collapse back down quickly (as it should), or does kind of stay in the pinched-up position? That can mean he's dehydrated (it's easy for cats to get dehydrated). He's peeing, so that's good.

But with the not-eating thing, yeah, I'd bring mine to the vet for that.
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See this thread from earlier. I'd take him in tomorrow morning if he's not eating.
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Yes. You should be concerned and he should go to the vet.
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Cats can get very very sick very very quickly if they don't eat - liver-failure levels of sick.

Yes, take him absolutely as soon as possible, especially if you mean he is not eating, and not just barely eating.

I also just vaguely thought my cat was not eating and just staying in one spot due to a virus and by the time I took him in he was very very sick ( which came as a shock to me, I thought I was just being extra catious), and it was going to cost a very expensive surgery for not great chances of saving his life, then his surgery got bumped only a few hours (this was at an all night emergency vet) and it was more costly and also less likely by that point, so he was put to sleep. I wish I had known how serious not eating was at that time, I really had no idea, but now that it's too late, I see that statement everywhere.
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If he's not eating please go to the vet ASAP. As others have said it's a big deal - I think a lot of cat owners don't know about it until it's an issue ( me included), because humans, dogs etc can go a little time without food. Not cats.
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Thank you, salvia, for saving me the trouble of copying and pasting my earlier answer. No, this cat should not go to the vet tomorrow. He should go today.

(And people, enough with "he might get fatty liver disease." A cat that has lost its appetite is ALREADY SICK.)
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A lot of people don't know that a not-eating cat is already really sick, and saying in what way (liver problems) can emphasize that; I think it's worth saying more than once, you know? Most of us don't work for vets, after all!
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A little late to the party, but when in doubt, call the vet. Even if it's after hours, your regular vet should provide an emergency number to call in its outgoing voicemail message. A vet tech can give you advice over the phone as to whether or not you should bring your pet in.

I hope your kitty is ok.
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Cats are hard to read. I had a cat with a raging upper respiratory infection, which didn't show any signs of slowing down or changing diet. The only way I knew was that he sneezed (only twice) and then developed a disgusting secondary eye infection. As predators, cats hide signs of weakness, even if their humans wouldn't take advantage of it.

So yes, go to the vet. If you're worried about finances, the CareCredit card helped me tremendously when my cat got expensively sick. It covers vet appointments and had a six month zero interest policy. It really helped to have a window to pay down the cost without the worry about interest accumulation.
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2nding the CareCredit card. Same experience here, and I kept the account after I'd paid it off as an actually-usable pet insurance. And yes, take the cat to the vet today.
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