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What is the best way to label my different desktops in Mission Control, running Yosemite on my mac?

I love multiple desktops, after I got used to them on my prior Linux machines. Now my primary work machines are Macs running Yosemite. Mission Control is pretty and all but I really want to label my desktops (something other than Desktop 1, Desktop 2, etc).

My usual use case is to have one desktop per project, plus a spare; I often have 4 or 5 projects running at once and I would like to context switch by switching screens. I have so many windows open in most of these desktops that I can't see the background, so using different backgrounds as a workaround won't do. I'd really like to name my desktops so I don't have to remember that Desktop 1 belongs with Project Q.

I did figure out how to get Mission Control to stop switching their order, which helps but is insufficient.

I'm interested in aftermarket solutions, unless somehow Mission Control does allow this flexibility and I haven't figured it out yet.
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This person's workaround is to throw a giant sticky note with a label on it in each desktop space.
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Response by poster: The workaround is a bit silly but it functions. I'd still like to be able to formally label my desktops, though..
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