Movie-making for the hard-of-thinking
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We have over 4,000 photos and videos from a recent trip to India and Bhutan. Can you suggest the least complicated, best program to use to make a movie, NOT using all 4,000 photos. My technical abilities are minimal but I'm up for a project. I have several PCs. Some of the photos were taken on an iPhone but mostly on a Canon. I'd like to add commentary and/or captions. Your ideas, great green hive mind?
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The absolute easiest way to do this is with Windows Movie Maker which should be already installed on your PC.
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Agree, Windows Movie Maker will let you drag and drop photos, text overlays and music. It's not the best program ever, but it's very simple and if you have a Windows computer, it's free. If you have a Mac, maybe you can use iMovie, but I've never tried it.

There are some websites that let you make slideshows for free. Essentially that's what you want to make, a video slideshow, not a necessarily a movie -- just photos accompanied with text and music. If you google "free slideshow video maker" you should find some other options.
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