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Our taxes this year are complicated by a number of factors, like getting married and dealing with the paperwork from three states. Turbotax is not going to give us the advice we need, so we would like to hire a professional for this round. We also may need professional financial advice in the future, so if the person or firm also offers those services that would be a bonus, but not essential. Anywhere in the Westside would work, though we are also willing to go further out.

Please do not suggest Yelp. The Yelp reviews for people and services in our surrounding area have seemed scammy or incomplete.

General advice on what to look for in hiring someone, and the baseline price we can expect, is also welcome. Thank you.
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Friedman,Minsk, Cole and Fastovsky handled my family's accounts for years. Stan Minsk( who has since retired ) is a college friend of my father's.
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I can't give you a specific recommendation, but you really don't need to limit yourself to someone close by. I've never met my accountant in person, we do everything by mail, email, phone, etc. So just find someone in your general vicinity.
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Sorry for the late reply, just saw this. I know Stan Minsk and Jim Fastovsky, both good guys. Start with them, and if they're not right, they can refer you to someone else.
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