ID this red, white and blue pennant.
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What is this flag? My vexillological GoogleFu fails me.

Perhaps technically a pennant, I've never actually seen it as a flag, only as a sticker on a couple random cars. This in California.
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That is called a burgee, and it may be from a yacht club near you. Here's a list although I have no idea whether or not it's complete.
posted by the webmistress at 12:33 PM on February 8, 2015

Closest I've found is the burgee of the San Francisco Yacht Club, but it's not an exact match.
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Also close but not exact is the burgee of the St Francis Yacht Club, which has a historical association with the SFYC.
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The burgee of the St. Francis Yacht Club is very similar, but also not an exact match.
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Oops, sorry for the duplication LobsterMitten, we appear to have cross-posted.
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I can't find evidence online, but I *think* that the San Francisco Yacht Club (which is not actually in SF but in Belvedere in Marin County) parking/bumper sticker changes every year? I grew up in Marin and have family in Belvedere and I recall seeing many variations of that sticker on cars all over Marin.
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It might also be something related to a discontinued yacht club, such as the Palo Alto Yacht Club.
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Curious -- the St. Francis, San Francisco and Panama Yacht Clubs all have similar designs, but with two stars, not four. So, no definite answer yet but the webmistress wins for adding 'burgee" to my vocabulary.
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