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IKEA has its own branded liquor. Who knew? I got the "snaps mix," five miniatures of beverages I'm unsure about. The set: svartvinbar; bittersot ortsnaps; akavit, kummin anis & fankal; akavit, kummin, dill & citrus; and citron & flader. That's all I have in English; the rest is in Chinese. So, any ideas about mixers for these little beauties, thoughts about which might be better without a mixer? Any insights whatsoever??! Thanks! Send air.
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i think peeps mostly drink em alone as shots without much mixing, because so much of the flavor comes from the spices.

also, svartvinbar = black currant

here are what some internet peeps say:

- regarding the drinking/pairing of akavit

- and just a general review
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The rest is in Chinese?? Now that's different...

Anyway, here we go:

svart vinbär: blackcurrant

bittersöt örtsnaps: bittersweet herb snaps

ak[v]avit kummin anis & fänkål: caraway, anise and fennel (seed) akvavit

ak[v]avit, kummin, dill & citrus: caraway, dill and citrus-flavored akvavit

citron & fläder: lemon and elder flower

I'm seeing that this is 38 vol %, which is normal for this kind of stuff. This is supposed to be drunk straight out of a brännvinsglas--shot glass. If drunk socially, you're also supposed to toast elaborately, with songs and stuff, overwhelmingly in dotted rhythms (makes it easy to keep singing after a few of these I guess), which chases the cats out of the house and makes the dogs and tourists look squirmy.

Fun fact: in Sweden, they wouldn't be allowed to sell this stuff. Strong spirits are only sold by Systembolaget. Oj oj. IKEA international has crossed the line into would-be-land, who'd a thunk.
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You don't mix these, they're meant to be enjoyed for the flavors they're infused with.

Of course when I was in high school, I mixed peppermint schnappes with coca cola. I don't recommend this.
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I was given some this Christmas, the lemon and elderflower is very nice in a vodka tonic with a squeeze of fresh lemon.
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My local IKEA must be teetotaling because I haven't seen these on any shelf! Could you kindly share which IKEA is selling these little treaties? You know, for the greater good...
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Norwegian here checking in :) These are not for mixing - drink straight from a shot glass. Typically aqavit is sipped and paired usually with meat or fish dishes (keep in mind though the shot glasses are genenrally filled up as soon as they are empty). It is also great after dinner in front of the fireplace, especially on a cold night.
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Adding to what others have said, you keep them in the freezer until right before they are served. Also, please don't dismiss the whole concept if you don't enjoy the Ikea-branded version, that goes for anything consumable from their stores.
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