Best online/offline games for young piano students!
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What are the best online or offline games for pre-teenaged kids taking piano lessons? Looking for those that are engaging, fun and teaches theory, keyboard skills or musical skills that can be applied to piano.
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OOH! PICK ME! I KNOW THIS ONE! My middle school orchestra students enjoy:

At The Music Interactive web site, Staff Wars, Rhythm Blocks and Rhythmic Dictation. There are a bunch of others I haven't tried. Staff Wars and Rhythmic Dictation are also available as iPhone or Google Play apps.

The site has a bunch of exercises, a little less fun but my competitive kids like them. The Tenuto app is the much-slicker paid app version of them, but the online version is free.

Music Racer is kind of fun for note name drills.

Music Tech Teacher has a bunch of doofy little interactive quizzes of varying levels of engagement. has free note-reading drills.
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I should add the Theta Music Trainer, for those who haven't heard about it!
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