inside Arlanda airport: micro SIMs for sale?
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At ARN, will I definitely be able to buy a micro SIM (ideally Comviq, based on these options, but if not, any similar brand)? Surprisingly hard to google a clear answer here.

I will have a short layover at ARN (on a weekday afternoon): two hours between the arrival of my JFK-OSL-ARN flight and the departure of my ARN-VBY flight.

I'm trying to see whether I can buy a micro SIM during my layover inside ARN. Reports online vary, and I can't find any really recent reports. Several reports by people who couldn't find micro inside ARN -- some say they found nano and not micro, or that nano and micro require a Swedish ID or Swedish phone service (I have neither) to activate.

(I would love to just buy the SIM online and have it mailed to me in the U.S., but I'm finding no intersection between [mailable to the U.S.] and [value remotely as good as the options you can only buy in Sweden]. Please let me know if I'm missing any possibilities there!)
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Response by poster: (Forgot to mention:
1) I have no checked luggage, so it's at least a real two hours gate to gate, with no extra task to accomplish except buying this SIM if possible; and
2) I have such a short layover at OSL that the SIMs on sale there don't matter for me.)
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I bring a sim card cutter like this and adapter set with me when I travel. It's hugely easier to be able to use whatever you can find at the airport.
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Best answer: I would think they do, but why don't you call them and ask...? Seems like the easiest way? You'd dial +46-8-59361679.
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Best answer: When are you traveling? I can pick you up a card and mail you and y can refill it at any 7-11 in Arlanda. Unless it's within the next two weeks, best I can do then is check Teh 7-11 at for you. Easiest would probably be for you to email (or hit up on social media, 7-11 or PressbyrÄn, the two stores that would sell them.
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Best answer: You can buy a simcard online here and have it mailed to you.
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The distance between terminals in Arlanda is super small.

I walked from Terminal 5 to Terminal 3 in about 15 minutes. Terminals 4 and 5 are where you're most likely to find what you're looking for.
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Response by poster: cyml, thank you -- that one definitely has the best rates of any internationally-mailable SIM I've found. It seems like a very new company -- not a lot about it online -- but interesting! (Have you used it yourself or is it just something you know about?)
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Yes! I've used it myself. It is definitely safe and super easy. Once you get your card, you can top it up online right away. Just make sure your phone is unlocked!
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Response by poster: Thanks so much for the tip! I'm going to start with one of those mailed to me (so I'll only need to buy another at ARN or in Visby if for some reason there's an issue with the first). Luckily I know my phone is unlocked, so all should be well!
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Response by poster: Update: ihavelanded worked perfectly. Good thing too, because transit ended up being pretty crazy (5-hr delay out of JFK then a partial airport staff strike in Norway where I was trying to rebook my 2nd & 3rd flight legs :)) so already having a Swedish sim in my phone at touchdown was fantastic.
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