Need a Russian translation, please.
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I want to make this shawl, and I can read the diagram for the most part, but I can't quite get the measurements figured out. Can anyone tell me roughly what the directions say? I'm pretty sure it's in Russian. I'd really appreciate it.
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Can't get the photo to load.
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Try this link
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Here's a page that translates some Russian crochet terms.
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Ok, here we go. I think I got all the crocheting terminology right, but caveat emptor, etc.

You will need: 400g yarn "Caprice" brand (100% wool, 400m x 100g); crochet hook #2.5.

Before commencing work, make a sample according to pattern 9 [that's the first one, right under the woman in black and white], making 3 chain stitches at the beginning of each row, and at the end -- a double crochet. If the pattern has problems stretching along the sides [?], then crochet making 4 chain stitches every other row and a triple crochet at the end of the row. Make the central part of the shawl, starting from the middle of the top part, and continue crocheting the triangle until its base reaches 200cm. Then make the border according to pattern 9A [at the bottom], attaching it to the sides of the central part as you go.

To do this, make a slip stitch instead of the middle chain stitch under the double crochets of the central triangle when you are making the chain stitches on the straight side of the border.
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If I may say so, these are the worst instructions.
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Thank you, Behemoth! That was helpful.
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