Blue book of my childhood
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Half-remembered children's BookFilter:

It was a large-format book about a storm, and a lady who lived in a tree, and pirates. What I recall about it was that it was hardcover, filled up my whole lap when I was a kid, and every page was filled with different shades of blue and green. If I recall correctly, the lady who lived in the tree had a little dog; and there were a pair of kids who ran off to join the pirates; but I may also be conflating two different books. The one I'm looking for had all these different spectacular shades of blue.
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If you can't find it here, I recommend the BookSleuth forum.
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Was there any other unusual formatting, like holes in the pages, for instance?
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...because if there was, it might have been a Tove Janssen book.
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No idea on your book, but Loganberry's Children's books solved mysteries page is searchable: try pirates, tree, treehouse, etc, and sift through the results. If you can't find it there, you can post a "Stump the Bookseller" query at the same site; I've had better luck with lost kids' books at Loganberry than at ABE's Booksleuth.
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Best answer: Miss Twiggley's Tree?
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This is very unlikely because of the colors, but could it be The Great Piratical Rumbustification & the Librarian and the Robbers by Margaret Mahey?
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Response by poster: Miss Twiggly's Tree was definitely one of the two books I was thinking of - thanks, Gator! Seeing it made me realize that the pirate book was an entirely separate book.
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My mom just returned Miss Twiggley's Tree to me a month ago, as a gift for my new daughter. I love that woman and her friendly tree-dwelling bears.
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(Er, I meant Miss Twiggley, although I love my mom too.)
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