Is it ok for a dog to drink Gatorade?
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Is it ok for a dog to drink Gatorade?

I was out hiking with my 90lb yellow lab and ran out of water. Since I had Gatorade, I just gave him that... and he eagerly lapped it up.

He seems fine, of course. In the future, though, is it ok to give your dog Gatorade instead of water? Is it good for him in the same way that it's good for me?
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It's just water, sugar, salt and flavoring.
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My boss gives dogs at our doggie daycare center [unflavored] Pedialyte (which she says her vet recommends) when they're vomiting/at risk for dehydration. I think Gatorade's similar. I wouldn't do it regularly, though--no reason to give him the extra sugar and chemicals if you have plain water around.
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I'd say it's fine. (But I'm not a vet).

My only concern would be the sugar: dogs don't brush their teeth. For that reason alone, I wouldn't make a habit of it.
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Best answer: The 'electrolytes' in Gatorade are just salt and a salt of potassium. All life needs that stuff to live. Your dog will be fine. There are only a few substances that are fine for humans and not OK for dogs. I give Tinkerbell red whine and marijuana all the time, and she's never had a problem.
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With the option of letting him go thirsty and becoming dehydrated on a hike? Gatorade is definitely a good choice.

Threadjack: Does your lab like milk at all? Mine will scarf up any milk if I put a glass down next to my recliner, but doesn't do that with water or soda or anything else.
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My childhood dog got very sick (I was 8 or 9 at the time so wasn't in on the diagnosis, other than "might not make it"), and the vet prescribed, among other measures, substituting Gatorade for water in her dish while she was recovering. So if a vet prescribes it for week-long use..... (Aforementioned mutt lived 12 more years, to a ripe old age of 14.)
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Note on threadjack: milk can cause diarrhea in many cats and dogs, so your pooch's milage may vary.....
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