Help me find more information on this bayonet
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This bayonet has been sitting on the wall of my family's house for at least 40 years. It's one of those invisible family relics that no one ever notices, and I never could get a straight answer from my mom about where it's from. I'm packing up to move again, and I noticed it once more... Before it fades back into the background of my life again, can anyone help me find more information on it? As far as I know, my mom brought it with her from the east coast of the US in the 60's. It's quite hefty, solid metal, about 27 inches long. The blade appears to be pegged all the way through to the bottom of the hilt.
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Best answer: Looks like a Model 1841 saber bayonet, used by the Union Army during the Civil War.
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Best answer: Judging by the shape of the crossguard and the placement of the screw, I think this looks more like the Model 1855 saber bayonet, which was also in use during the Civil War. (Compare the 1855 model and the 1841 model.)
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