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Help me identify a musical film that I saw a snippet of as a child and now barely (and unreliably) remember!

Yeah kind of a long shot, but I feel pretty good about mefi's handle on musical film of the 50's. I remember seeing about 10-15 minutes of this movie on TV Land (or something similar) as a young child, and it's stuck with me for some reason. I'd like to figure out what it was!

Here's what I remember:
  • It's a musical, and it's in color! The clothes and the production value were definitely 40s or 50s era (but 60s is not out of the question).
  • The musical scene was a mother and her son arriving at what seemed to be a resort or maybe a huge mansion. They were dressed for traveling I think, but everyone else (the mostly-women dancing and singing) were in bathing suits or something.
  • The mother and son were being welcomed to the resort or mansion(?) by a handsome dark haired man, who- may have known the woman in advance
  • Either immediately or shortly after the welcome song/dance, the woman and the handsome man are in bed together (in the dark), when an intruder comes in(!!!) The handsome man hits the intruder, maybe smashing a lamp over his head(??)
  • This makes me think the mother and son were at the resort(?) for protection?
Well, that's all I've got folks! See what you can do!
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Best answer: That's Tommy!
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Best answer: Bernie's Holiday Camp
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Response by poster: Amazing!!!! Thank you RB!!! And the lamp scene (what about the boy?)!!!

Watching this now, its clear why this little memory stuck with me - on the surface, and to a kid, this would (and did) seem like a normal 50s era musical film, but there's a dark absurdity and pinch of psychadelia that was confusing and a little disturbing to me at the time. Can't wait to watch this in full- I love that album so much and this looks awesome!
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Response by poster: (Also: Oliver Reed looks just like Javier Bardem!)
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