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My wife works in Corporate Treasury and has been considering creating a blog that discusses the intricacies of that career. One reason she wants to do this is because she cannot seem to locate any similar blogs or forums on this topic. So is anyone out there in any way connected to this realm and, if so, do you have any recommendations for her new endeavor? Also, if there are some noteworthy resources you think might be helpful, feel free to post them. Much thanks.
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Wikipedia just taught me what that was... it looks fascinating in that way that things that are totally alien and boring to me but full of wonder and interesting nooks and crannies are to other people.

My one piece of advice is that, unless she plans on taking distinct steps* to keep the blog anonymous, she should get clearance from her higher-ups at work to be publishing things that might be linked back to the company.

*for example, if she's registering a domain name, make sure that she uses her registrar's anonymity service where they act as a proxy contact for whois entries, or, if she's signing up for a or account, she should use an email address that isn't associated with her name/facebook/twitter, etc.
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