Podcasts (and blogs) about contemporary classical music?
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Are there podcasts about the contemporary classical / alt classical / new music / experimental music scene? Particularly interviews with composers and musicians, talk about the music, and so forth; as opposed to playlists of the music itself. WNYC's Soundcheck and other public radio podcasts sometimes touch on this kind of stuff, but I want more! And not just John Adams and John Luther Adams all the time. Blog recommendations also welcome, but podcasts seem like a perfect format for talking about music.
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I have been loving the Meet the Composer podcast of late.
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Nonpop is maybe a bit too "playlisty" for you... but there is some talk between pieces about the composers, etc. Although it hasn't been active in a bit, there are lots of archived episodes to listen to.
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Alex Ross, the NY Times writer and author of The Rest Is Noise, has a good list on his website , though I haven't checked a lot of these recently.
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Also, the composer Kyle Gann is a great resource, and here is his blog.
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There are a few blogs that cover all this stuff.
New Music Box.
Sequenza 21.
Slipped Disc (not just contemporary).

I heartily second Meet the Composer, but there aren't a lot of episodes (yet?). Also agree with Alex Ross's blog.

For a treasury of live performance videos, check out the International Contemporary Ensemble's Digitice archive.
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Thanks for the recommendations! I feel like there's a podcast hole that could be filled. Maybe we can convince Nico Muhly to start one...
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