A list of people written up in Economist Magazine's obituary section
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Does anybody know how I can get a list of all the individuals about whom the Economist magazine has written obituaries. I've been searching for this for a while and I always end up getting the obituaries of many different economists as opposed to merely those people mentioned in the Economist magazine. Any help would be appreciated!
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Response by poster: It doesn't have a list of all the individuals who have been written about by the magazine. The database only goes back a certain number of weeks, if years.
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The Economist Book of Obituaries might be a good start.
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Response by poster: I already have that book and it's excellent. That's one of the reasons I want to find a list of all the obituaries so I can see the ones I haven't read yet in that collection.
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I doubt such a list is publicly available. It's been in business since 1843 and is a private company, not a public service. Anyway, this might be worth a shot: Contact Us
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It looks like you could purchase a subscription to the Economist's archives here.

"The complete archive (1843-2010) is now available online from Gale Cengage Learning, with editorial, advertising and tabular matter all fully searchable. The archive can be purchased outright and owned in perpetuity or is available as a yearly subscription."
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One way to make your own list, so to speak, would be to use Google's advanced search page, https://www.google.com/advanced_search?hl=en and put 'www.economist.com' in the 'site or domain' field and the word 'obituary' in the 'all these words' field.

The search results can be further modified by clicking on 'search tools' and then using the 'any time' drop down to narrow down your time-frame(s).
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Seconding davemack BUT ..
in the site or domain field leave out 'www.'
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LonnieK -- works either way, but I'm revealing my old-school roots!

An additional tip I should have included for the poster is that in the search results one can select and read Google's cached page (via the drop-down that appears when one clicks on the chevron following the URL). This will allow you to read more entries than the Economist's website permits even after their free registration.
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I stand corrected, davemack. Thx for the tips.
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