What to do with leftover potting soil?
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I'm an apartment dweller with an extensive container garden and I'm moving into an apartment without access to outdoor space.

I mostly grow vegetables on my porch in the summer, but the place I'm moving to has no yard or porch. I'm in New England right now so there are no plants to worry about and I have a place to store the (stacked) containers in the hopes that my living situation will change some day, but what to do with all that leftover soil? I don't have a yard to dump it, or friends who want to take over the gardening. All the suggestions I've found online say to re-use it, but I just need to get rid of it!

Can I throw the soil out with my usual trash? Are there better uses for it?
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Put it on kijiji or craigslist, maybe someone will take it for their composter.
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Perhaps you could it outside with a sign like, "Good soil. FREE because I'm moving." I know it's cold outside but likely someone will snap it up if you live in a moderately or frequently trafficked area.
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Any local schools with community gardens? My university's preschool has a large garden and they keep or start lots of things indoors, in containers, until spring.
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What about getting some lights and setting up a spot inside to grow micro- or baby greens?

The Boston Natural Areas Network can probably find someone (e.g. a community garden or greenhouse) that will take it off your hands.
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This is precisely the sort of situation that Freecycle is made for. It looks like there are 113 Freecycle groups in the Boston area.
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Maybe one of your neighbors would like a patio garden of their own? You could put a sign in the common area for a few days or a week and if there are no takers then try any or all of the great suggestions above.
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As someone who runs a community garden and food pantry, I'd say look for something like that who may want or or even may be able to come get it with a couple of five gallon containers or something.
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Definitely Craigslist or similar
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I would be happy to take it off your hands if you lived nearby, because I need to top off my raised vegetable beds every growing season, and used potting soil is perfect for this purpose. Surely there are gardeners near you who do the same.
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I've left this by a common apartment dumpster in a previous move and it went FAST.
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