Looking for more blogs about/by/featuring people of color
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I'm looking for blogs/sites that are about/by people of color but are not (necessarily) about racism. So places that are more AfroPunk and less Racialicious.

I have plenty to read, think and discuss about racism.

I'd like to balance it out (and see what the kids are up to these days) by reading more blogs by people of color that are more about their day-to-day lives and/or art, photography, fashion, pop culture, music, entrepreneurship, etc. So maybe someone who's doing an interesting photo-a-day challenge or posting short stories or experimenting in the kitchen, or lifestyle blogs like A Beautiful Mess but with more black/Hispanic/Asian faces and contributors.

Thank you for any suggestions.
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Best answer: Movie critic Odie Henderson has gotten some paying gigs lately so it's not updated as much as it used to be, but his "Black History Mumf" series at "Big Media Vandalism" is a fascinating look at Black popular culture.
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Best answer: Bitches Gotta Eat is infrequent, but hysterical.
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Best answer: Fashion: The Je Ne Sais Quoi. It's a personal style blog, so really just pictures of what she is wearing on any given day so it may be less interesting to you if you don't share her taste and/or body shape.

Hair: Black Girl Long Hair
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Best answer: A couple of personal style blogs by South Asian bloggers (so see je ne sais quoi's above caveat for these 2 as well)

A Curious Fancy
Weesha's World
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Best answer: Jasika Nicole Pruitt (yes, the same Jasika Nicole from Fringe and Scandal) blogs in detail about her DIY projects at jasikanicole.com.

She has a really great "This was super hard and frustrating at times but I did it and I love it and you can do it, too" kind of attitude, which helps motivate me to pick up those projects I'm feeling like giving up on.
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Best answer: I love Rafi DiAngelo's blog So Let's Talk About. He is a gay, Black, Southern NYC transplant and he always has really interesting things to say. Some of his posts are about racial politics, but by no means all of them. (Also he updates really frequently!)
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Best answer: Another huge fan of So Let's Talk About.

Extra Petite and Oh Joy! (fashion and lifestyle, respectively).
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Best answer: Hey Queer is a photography project that focuses on queer Asians in NYC. (I am loving this thread and adding so many things to my RSS Reader!)
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Best answer: My Curves and Curls is an excellent plus size fashion blog.
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Best answer: Today I'm Bobbi (found via Yes and Yes) and LaTonya Yvette (found via Cup of Jo, contributor to Beautiful Mess).
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Best answer: This is my friend's blog: The Girl Next Door Is Black.
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Best answer: Education, Liberation, and Black Radical Traditions has lots about culture, teaching, and everyday observations.
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