Inexpensive subscription clip art sites?
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I have been subscribed to for a few years now, but it's time to renew and I'm checking to see if there's another clip art site that will suit my needs for the same cost or less.

I periodically use clip art as spot illustrations, mostly in the program book for a science fiction convention I staff, and as I get too easily dragged into the tedium of trying to search online for suitable clip art and verifying that they're truly copyright-free (I have ADHD and easily hyperfocus on this task and lose hours to this), I prefer to use inexpensive subscription services.

My current subscription to is $79/year, is up for renewal, and I'd like to see if there's something that's similar or costs less out there before I plunk down the dollars for another year.

I am not looking for pay-per-download sites, as I usually download a bunch of pieces of different shapes and sizes and then drop them into the program book and other projects as I build them and discover the need for filler here and there.
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I just realized I should probably clarify that I need black-and-white clip art! I can convert color pieces to B&W, but I don't want to do that too often, as they usually take some adjustment to keep the B&W versions from looking muddy and that just cuts into the time I need for editing.
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Just wondering if you have seen Dover Publications royalty-free clip art collections, which include the images on CD? They are good for black and white stuff.
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Have you already looked into Open Clipart? Most of their b&w art is vintage, which might be a drawback (or might not be). The community is regulated and copyrighted things are typically taken down, so I feel confident using it. Search/organization could be better, though.
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Came in to suggest Dover-- they also have a download site called While it's not a subscription-based site, you can register and have them keep your purchased library for you. The unique quality of the images is also worth it. But it's still not a subscription service, sorry.
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The Noun Project has monochrome icons for everything. Various payment options.
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