Lost link to Javascript algorithm animation
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I thought I followed a link from metafilter last night or the night before to a page with a neat animation of circles expanding until they hit dots (something to do with sampling). At the bottom of the page was the Javascript that generated the graphics. Ring any bells?

I hope it was on metafilter, but can't be sure. Sorry to be so vague. It was late. And it's late now.
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There's http://www.sorting-algorithms.com/ which does what it says on the tin. You can select indvidual algorithms to see the JS code (perhaps it's Python; not sure).

There's also http://www.algomation.com/
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Try going through your browser's "history" for yesterday, checking all the links it retained.
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Best answer: I'm pretty sure that if it isn't Visualizing Algorithms by Mike Bostock, it's using his bl.ocks.org service. Here's one from there showing Wilson's algorithm; there's an index page for the rest of his blocks.
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Response by poster: Thanks, all. It was Mike Bostock's site, though I'm still wondering how I found it in the first place. My iPad's history is not helping at all.
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