Best old-school haircut in Harvard Square?
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Friend's dad is visiting Cambridge and wants to get his hair cut. Where's the best place for him to go?

He's a 60-ish guy from the Midwest. He wants a place that's more a "Barber Shop" than a "Salon". He wants a place where he'll be in sort of familiar surroundings, meaning probably (but not necessarily) male barbers, and definitely catering to male clientele. He wants a place that takes mostly walk-ins rather than appointments.

Where around Harvard Square or greater Camberville should he go for a good haircut?
What can he expect to pay and tip?
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Charlie's Barber Shop, near Porter Square. An easy walk from Harvard Square or one stop on the T. Small, no frills, the barbers know what they're doing. Twenty bucks for a haircut, not including tip.
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Central Barber Shop, on Mass Ave, just past Harvard Law School. It's exactly what you've described.
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There's also one on Prospect in Central (near the intersection of Prospect/Mass Ave)
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LaFlamme barbershop on Dunster Street, right in Harvard Sq. VERY old-school barbershop. I think haircuts are $15 or maybe $18. Mostly male barbers, a couple of females, some of the males are pretty old. I take my teen son there on a regular basis, and my ex has been going for many years. Never a long wait at all.
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Custom Barber Shop on Brattle Street (by Colonial Drug) in Harvard Square also fits the bill.
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