Tag based web file manager?
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Like many people, I have a "best of" directory on my web site where I keep various files I find on the net that I want to keep around in case the original host goes away. Right now it's just a raw directory of files, mostly with their original often cryptic filenames. I'd like some kind of drop-in file manager that would let me easily add descriptions and tags. Users could click on tags to narrow the listing to, say, just "flash toys" or "zero wing spinoffs".
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Response by poster: I suppose I should have phrased that in the form of a question, Alex.

The question, if it wasn't clear, is "Has anyone come across such a thing?"
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Put them on flickr or Del.icio.us.....or really, MY Web (from Yahoo) would be better because they don't just link to the site but keep a local cache file. A directory dump as you're doing is fine too - just put a couple of key words in your file names. Maybe the new GoogleBase?

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Sorry.....Google Base is here.
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I think that's almost the pure definition of what a weblog is. Setup Wordpress. Make a post for each item with a decription. Throw on some tags. People could even comment on them. Hooray!
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I'd really like something like what dmd's asking for too: I have folders of images that are used as drop-ins in comment threads etc, and it'd be nicer to have a better online way of managing them.
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Panoptician - That's a good idea. You're right, it's not like anyone even has to look at it. But the owner would have an instant searchable weblog of images.

bonaldi - What about a "private" Del.ciou.us dump for the pics? Tag 'em all you want.

A lot of ways to do this - web-based or local seems to be the choice.

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Best answer: I recently did a quick search do solve exactly your problem. It yielded this: Snif.

I haven't used it to add descriptions, but it seems to have that functionality. It's a php script you drop into your file directory, no setup required. It allows navigation of its root folder as well as subfolders.
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Wow, FissionChips, that is a great find! That sounds like a perfect solution for dmd. I am going to try that myself. The description column is awesome.

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I've used snif in the past. It's a great piece of code. The developer is a nice guy too... I had a feature request and he jumped right on it.
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Response by poster: Well, it's not tags, but snif is definitely 95% of what I want. Thanks!
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