iPad games for a 90 year old grandma
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We are getting an iPad for my 90 year old grandma. What are some good games or other apps?

She particularly likes card games like bridge and other games she plays on Hoyle Card Games on her old Windows 98 machine. I'm hoping the accessibility on the iPad will be better for her than struggling to continue with a pc.
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Best answer: My grandma is 90 and looooooves her kindle fire. I kind of regret us getting it for her because now whenever we're together she spends all her time tapping around on that damn thing.

Anyway, the things she likes most are:

-angry birds (she has all the freebie versions like Rio and Star Wars where the birds wear different hats)
-solitaire and free cell, I just found her the easiest to use apps
-subway surfer
-daily bible devotional thingy

Gram was extremely reluctant about facebook at first but now she's obsessed. She taught and was a principal for about a billion years, so I joined her on all the groups for those schools, for her hometown, etc. She gets messages constantly from kids (ha, like folks in their 60s) who remember her from school way back when. She loves it! Between those, being able to keep up with us grandkids, sharing recipes, or just creeping on random folks, she loves it.
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Best answer: I like Solebon for solitaire type card games.
Sudoku might be good although I can't recommend any particular version.
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Best answer: Oh, and we've made sure my grandma has had a computer for years and years--she has always had a computer. She's never taken to it. It took her about 10 minutes with a tablet and nine of those were her saying she'd never understand it. I think you're right that it'll be a much easier learning curve for your grandma.

Oh and to my previous list I'd like to add: texting. My grandma texts way more than you woukd expect for a 90 year old woman. Set up imessage for your grandma and add your family into her contacts.
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Best answer: I like Card Shark Deluxe. It has 77 card games including several kinds of Gin Rummy, Canasta, Euchre, Solitaire, etc.

And Words With Friends is fun too. You can ply against the computer now, so she doesn't need partners if theyre hard to come by. Plus, it will match you up with strangers with your same skill level.
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Best answer: Jigsaw puzzles are fun.
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Best answer: Mahjong
Candy Crush (if she likes the 3 match variety then there are plenty to choose from)
Words with Friends
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Best answer: I am a strong believer in the ipad version of scrabble being the best version of scrabble ever made. I still regularly play the analog version, and i hate all the other digital versions. The ipad app, though, feels like something i would have seen in a scifi movie in the 90s and gone "COOOOOL" and it works exactly like you'd want it to.

It's also very easy to play with other people.
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Best answer: I vote for Dots and Tetris.
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Best answer: If it's anything like my 90+yo grandma...anything slots/poker/bingo related. Frankly, if you watch the demo and it's a slow motion "gerbil + lever = pellets" game, she'll love it.
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Best answer: FaceTime is the killer iOS app for my 92 year old dad. He now FTs me and my son (his grandson) at all sorts of random times, such as when I'm in the grocery store and he wants me to switch the camera around so he can see what's in my cart.

He also really likes Google Earth because he traveled a lot and he likes to swoop in and marvel how much everything has been built up since he last visited.

Dad isn't a gamer at all but his wife enjoys borrowing the iPad to play Solitaire. Whichever one I installed on there, I paid for so they didn't have to deal with accidentally tapping on ads.
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Best answer: I vote for Candy Crush. That shit is like meth times a million, without being actually seriously difficult.
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Best answer: Oh and Quell, depending on her desire for puzzles.
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Best answer: Cascade. Very fun. And Crux if she likes crosswords at all. And the jigsaw bug app. There is a decent Norman Rockwell jigsaw app too.
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Best answer: I'd recommend Triple Town, where one builds up a town by matching pieces in groups of threes -- three bushes become a tree, three trees become a hut, etc.

There are several different game modes with differing levels of difficulty.

Hay Day might also be an option.
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Best answer: FYI, there was a similar question asked recently. It's not exactly the same, so some of the answers might not apply, but you might get some additional ideas from it.
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Best answer: drawsomething and words with friends
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Best answer: Sneezies and Sneezies Match are both pretty fun. I also second the recommendations of Triple Town and Dots. If she tries Angry Birds and likes it, she might like SteamBirds (by the same developer as Triple Town).
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Best answer: If she loves cards. get Cribbage. I love this game for iOS.
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Best answer: In addition to Dots, Two Dots.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone, especially for the specific app suggestions.
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