Forgotten JPop Video Artist (Late '90s, Artist rides bicycle, bubbles)
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Pretty specific reference from years ago. One of the first videos I downloaded off the Internet (1998-1999) was a J-Pop video from what my memory tells me was Ayumi Hamasaki, but my google fu can't seem to find anything to back that up. Just wanting to find the video again for nostalgia and to make for sure my brain isn't manufacturing memories :)

Video Description:
Artist rides a bicycle (cruiser style) slowly through neighborhood with lots of lens flare and bubbles. Eventually she ends up at a small theater on an empty stage and I to remember a few cut scenes between performance and singing to the empty hall. Music was kind of soft poppy not too excitable. I mostly remember how that the neighborhood the artist rode through looked very similar to where I grew up (not in japan).

I'm hoping there isn't a whole subgenre of JPop videos of bicycle cruising, bubble chasing artists to sort through.

Thank you in advance for any pointers.
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Someone on /r/JapaneseMusic might remember it if you can't get an answer here. (Just use a throwaway account if you don't use reddit.)
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Maybe it's "Wait and See" by Utada Hikaru?
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