Accounting ap for dummies?
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Looking for an accountant Ap for use on a Mac Mini, does not have to be free or inexpensive, just effective and not too complicated!

I have used Quicken (an older version) which I did NOT like as it was just not very user friendly (the categories were a pain to set up and it never sorted the bank download into the categories that I had set up, also it was very finicky about separate accounts, if the categories were not named specifically when I transferred money from one account to the other it would not add or subtract it properly). I need an ap that will consolidate several bank accounts and a few credit cards, I am hoping to find one that will download information from online accounts, and it needs to print out a report that shows how much money is being spent as well as income and will divide it out by category. Any suggestions greatly appreciated, thanks so much!
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It's an app, short for application, not an "ap." I googled "best banking app mac" and found this list. The descriptions should help you see if they are what you want.
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Check out Freshbooks
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Response by poster: Sorry I left off a p for APP! And I too know how to google, I was hoping for first hand knowledge of a perspective application so that I would not squander finances finding one that works! I will check both and Freshbooks, thanks again! :)
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I like Moneydance. It's stable and feature-rich.
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