Fashion help! Should I buy these red shoes?
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After coming across these pictures yesterday and I decided I needed a pair like them. Right now, the best option, without buying made to order, would be these:

My questions are: As someone who doesn't wear too much "loud" flashy fashion, can I get away wearing these with regular dark navy/indigo jeans? Brown chinos? Gray chinos? A Navy suit?

What color belt would go with them?

I'd probably use Saphir polish to tone them down and turn them closer to an Oxblood color, also. Good idea?

Basically, are these a good investment or are they too "out there" for someone not super fashion-forward and hip? In my mind, they'll be pushing it a bit but mostly they'll just be a fun accent to my more typical J. Crew/Banana Republic/prep meets hipster attire.
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They are great. They would work with all of those pants, depending on what's on top. You could also where them with almost any belt, depending on how dark they get with the polish. Go for it!!
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These are great, and I think they'll kick your typical attire up a notch.
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Blue suit--no(?) unless you move significantly towards the oxblood. I happen to think they are very nice and I attend to fashion just about as much as you do.
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Those aren't red, red, they're oxblood, and they're classic.
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Trickers brogues are very...clompy. They are not sleek shoes - they're even less sleek than they look in the photo. The Bourton last is also a bit wide - not quite a true wide width, but wider than a regular US size. They are not, IMO, a good sockless brogue.

I mean, they'll last for eternity and they are beautifully made - I would never dissuade someone from buying Trickers. But be prepared - they are big shoes.

Have you ever used a dark polish to tone down a shoe's color before? If not - I have found it to be trickier than it sounds, especially with a strong color like this. I think the red will darken with time anyway, though.

Personally - I would go for it. I have never regretted a pair of Trickers on the Bourton last.

I would not match my belt to my shoes. I think that they probably would not work with a suit unless it were a country tweed suit or a really old-school British-winters flannel.
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They're beautiful. I think you should just leave them as they are.
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Oh, and I think that whether they go with a certain pair of pants will depend more on the cut of the pants than jeans vs. suit or whatever. Just make sure your pants aren't too wide or baggy or long.
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Totes buy them (and maybe get a lady pair for me?) I think a charcoal pant/suit would be nice with those. Be sure to either get some nice dress socks or no-show socks.
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Do it - those are beautiful.
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Response by poster: They'll be here Thursday! I'll take some pictures and post them here before making a decision whether to keep em or not. Thanks everyone!
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