Where to find Disco Video?
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We're having a "Disco Party" for my daughter's 6th birthday tomorrow. I've got the music covered, but I was looking for some VIDEO I can burn onto a DVD and just have playing in the background.

I was thinking old episodes of "Dance Fever," "Solid Gold," some old "how to Disco Dance" videos, that sort of thing. I've googled and searched the torrent finders that I know of, to no avail. All I seem to find is something called "Line Dance Fever" or links to the Beastie Boys' "Solid Gold" album.
It doesn't have to be awesome quality, but I'd like to be able to burn it to DVD.
And I would have scoured the local thrift store video bins, but I just thought of it now and the party's tomorrow.
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One possible solution to your problem: if you can find them at a local video store, rent Thank God It's Friday, Can't Stop the Music, or Saturday Night Fever (with the kiddies there, you might want the PG version, as most versions are R). Good luck.
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Response by poster: I thought of Saturday Night Fever, but I seem to remember lots of sex in cars and jumping off bridges and stuff, R-rated, as you say. And really, for 6-year-olds I just want some background dancing scenes.
Can't Stop the Music I had forgotten about. It's the Village People, right? And fairly PG?
I can't remember Thank God It's Friday.
Perhaps I'll check out the video store tomorrow.
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Best answer: Some old "How to Disco Dance" video, in Finnish.
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When I was a kid, it was the height of the disco period. The worst movie of all time is the best disco movie of all time, Xanadu, a fantastical roller-skating movie starring Olivia Newton-John. And of course, Saturday Night Fever, a really great movie in its own right, which features amazing dance sequences.
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Second Xanadu.

So bad it's... well, really bad.
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Response by poster: Yes. Xanadu was the whole roller-disco thing. I had the 45 of the theme song by ELO.
Great suggestions all. I was looking more for some downloadable stuff I could compile tonight.
Springload, that Finnish "how to" clip was AMAZING. I may just loop that over and over on the tv. Of course after you posted that I did a video search on Yahoo and that was the first result.
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I haven't attempted this search, but I bet you'll find some real goodies searching for "Japanese disco video."
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Here's a short video in the Disco theme that I have always enjoyed. It's set to Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive". And you'll find multiple formats at that link, so even though the size is a little small, I imagine it would work as an interstitial on this DVD of yours.
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Best answer: Bedazzled has hundreds of videos from several eras of music, plenty of which are disco-y, for example.
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Response by poster: thanks!
i just made a loop of various dancing scenes from the links provided above, and it's perfect.
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