Ob/gyn in Philadelphia
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Recommendations for an ob/gyn in Philadelphia who is taking new patients?

I used to go to Laura Picciano for pap smears when she was in the city, but then she went to Cooper, which is not really practical for me.

The doctor being a dude is OK as long as he is not an ogre. I'd prefer admitting privileges to places besides Hahnemann, because there is a chance I might get pregnant, and the last time I was at Hahnemann, it was sub-optimal.

Any suggestions? I have insurance that'll cover me almost anywhere.
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Best answer: I go to Penn at Washington Square.

Dr. DeSouza-Sanders, whom I liked, was originally my GYN, but I had to switch to OB when I got pregnant, so keep that in mind. Dr. Glazer and Dr. Bloom were my main OBs, but Dr. Mehta delivered (c-section) my baby. I think they are all out-oft-this-world great, especially the latter two. Do keep in mind that your regular OB might not deliver your baby under their model.
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Best answer: When I was in Philly, I went to the aforementioned Dr. Glazer and I really liked her.
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Response by poster: Thanks, people! I called and booked an appointment with Dr. DeSouza-Sanders because she had the closest availability.
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It was seamless for me to switch to an OB when I got pregnant, by the way.
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