Curtain for a 66" wide window
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The window in our new apartment living room is 66" wide and 72" high. I am looking for a curtain and can't find anything except shower curtains in the width. Searching for "wide curtains" yields curtains that are too wide (like 84" or 96"), and I wasn't able to find panels narrow enough to do the job with two of them. The window is right up against the corner of the room on one side, so I can't just extend the curtain beyond the width of the window to accomodate a greater width. Any advice?
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Generally, you buy two panels that are greater than the length. Then they kind of bunch up when you have the curtains closed. You don't want it to be stretched out like a shower curtain.

If you want there to be only one panel then get one of the larger ones.
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Yeah, like 2x or 3x the width is not unusual for curtains. 3x gives more fullness.
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I'd get a least two regular width curtains and have a tailor sew them together for you if they need to stack to one side rather than one on either side. (Though that's more common on a sliding door than a window).
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this might not help, but my mother used to make curtains out of bedsheets
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I agree that curtains do not need to be completely flat when closed. There should be some excess fabric.

If you have your heart set on a covering that lays flat when closed, maybe a roman shade would be more appropriate.
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